Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

In the street, “win or lose” is actually “live or die”.

Too many people lose sight of that fact.

And you can't survive if you're focused on “defending” against your attacker… right?

So why do so many people make this mistake when training for “self-defense?”

I had a conversation about this with my friend and founder of Target Focus TrainingTim Larkin, and here are the lessons he shared with me…

The #1 Mistake People Make When Training To Defeat A Violent Attacker In A Real Street Fight!

The Biggest Street Fighting Mistake
Number One Street Fight Mistake
Tim Larkin
Tim Larkin

Forget “self-defense“!

“Offense” is what wins fights… plain and simple!

If you're focused on simply “defending,” then you're just prolonging the inevitable unless you can take over the offense and inflict that first real injury on your attacker.

In other words, until you launch a strike that causes a traumatic, uncontrollable response in your assailant, you're not truly “fighting to survive”.

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to defeating an attacker in a real street fight is that…

“Injury is the alpha and omega of violence; it’s where it starts and ends.”

Consider for a moment that you're breaking some gangbanger's nose after he got up in your face to threaten you…

His body's physical reaction is something he can't control.

His head instantly explodes with blinding light — his vision, breathing, movement, and even his thinking are all suddenly destroyed.

Your blow forces his body to contort against his will, and where he was once strong…

your attacker is now crippled and confused!

In the end it doesn’t matter what broke his nose:  a fist… a boot… the heel of a hand…or the edge of a doorframe.

All that matters is that his power and dreams of turning you into lunchmeat are shattered as you've rendered him blind and vulnerable.

It's now a simple thing to “injure” him again.

(And again!)

So how do you train for that outcome?

1. Always Work Toward Accuracy First

Most people you see in real street fights are swinging blindly at their attacker.

A wild strike to the head is not the same as a targeted strike to the nose.

Just as if you train with a handgun to get a one-shot stop instead of unloading an entire clip of “spray and pray” bullets, you want to focus your training on striking your target with extreme accuracy.

The more you train to strike accurately, the more accurate you'll be when it matters.

2: Focus On The Body's Most Vulnerable “Destruction Points”

The key to the scenario I just unfolded is in “where” you struck this gangbanger to cause an uncontrollable reaction.

There are several of these debilitating “destruction points” all over the body and they don't even require you to hit hard to take out a much bigger and stronger attacker.

Learning the vulnerable points of the human body, such as from Target Focus Training's videos, will make it possible for you to do this.

You need to start every attack with debilitating injury –– not with moves, techniques, stances or theory.

Violence begins and ends with ruined anatomy.

Any training that does not start there is useless for survival.

What Other Targets Are Effective For Striking In A Real Street-Fight?

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