Real Street Fight Self Defense Techniques
Real Street Fight Self Defense Technique!

It's the same with ALL “tactical arts”…

Sometimes it's not a matter of what you DON'T know that's a danger… but rather it's the skills you DO know that could actually end up decreasing your chances of survival.

And when it comes to how to defend yourself against a real “street fight” attack, this is especially true.

Not all combatives systems (or martial arts) are the same and it's critical you know what works… and what DOESN'T work in a real fight.

That's why, for this week's podcast episode, I asked my buddy, Damian Ross, to share with us his “Top 5” biggest self-defense mistakes he sees… AND how to fix these mistakes right away so you don't end up a victim.

He had some GREAT tips I know you're gonna love!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Self-Defense Myth #1: Why the “multi-year” martial arts plan FAILS students! (And why you mustn't follow this same path!) 
  • Self-Defense Myth #2: Are you “training to wait”? I hope you're not falling for this common dojo mistake!
  • Self-Defense Myth #3: The “mirror test” and why your mind may be your biggest enemy in prepping for a real attack!
  • Self-Defense Myth #4: The “don't hurt me” programming problem that self-defense schools are screwing up with their students!
  • Self-Defense Myth #5: Guns vs. fists! Why you CAN “karate chop a bullet” in more way than one!

Damian is a real no-nonsense fighter and trainer.

He pulls no punches with how he views real self-defense training… because he's solely focused on your survival – and REAL results!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What About You?

Please Share Your Observations About What Works (And Doesn't!) In Real “Street Fight” Self-Defense Techniques In The Comments Below Now..