Urban Escape And Evasion Training Tactics

What if you were on an international vacation… kidnapped for ransom… and managed to find a critical moment to escape

What if your neighborhood was engulfed in civil unrest and the streets were patrolled by gangs of anarchists and looters looking for easy prey?

How would you stay alive?

How would you avoid detection and get to safety without making yourself a target?

Today you get an “insider's look” as Urban Escape & Evasion trainer, Kevin Reeve, reveals at the biggest mistakes people make when they're hunted by a hostile enemy…

… AND how to master the critical skills needed to keep you alive “on the run”!

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Here's what you'll discover in this week's episode…

  • “Going grey”: How to blend in with your surroundings no matter where you are and no matter who is around!
  • The worst “disguise” you can attempt to use to fool your trackers!  (Hint: It's often the FIRST one people attempt… that gets them caught!)
  • The #1 giveaway that you're easy prey!
  • Tell-tale “red flags” that will reveal your identity (even when surrounded by a crowd of citizens who look exactly like you)!
This week’s training is a real “cheat sheet” to staying unnoticed in even the most populated environments!

What “Baseline” Factors Do You See In Your Own Area?

Please Share Your “Gray Man” Insights Now For Evading Detection In Urban Areas…