The World's First "Urban Survival" Machete!

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Fellow patriot,

I have a special deal for you for a limited time to grab the ultimate extreme survival machete no home, truck, bug-out bag or arsenal should ever be without, and at a HUGE discount!

In fact…

…. I Want To Send You One Of "Gen 1" Prototype Machetes FREE Right Now So You Can Try It Yourself!

I’ll explain how you can get your complimentary free machete “test drive” (as well as a few awesome FREE bonuses!) in just a minute – but first, you’re gonna want to see with your own eyes, the most extreme blade “torture test” you’ll ever witness.

You’ll be shocked when you watch the punishment this machete can dish out – and understand why I’m so excited to give every true blue patriot a chance to grab one of these for FREE while I have them in stock.

Hi, I’m Jeff Anderson…

For over 20 years, my company, Warrior Life, has been arming everyday survivors like you with the training and tools you need to protect yourself and those you love from any threat – all based on real-world experience and testing.

As a 10-year combat veteran and former member of the elite 10th Mountain Division, I’ve trained in some of the harshest environments on the planet:

From neck-deep jungle swamps to barren, scorching deserts… from rocky, remote mountain terrain to 3rd world urban cities and villages in the throws of war and civil unrest.

And here’s what I can tell you…

No matter where I was, the #1 back-up tool I would never be caught without – whether in training or in combat – wasn’t my firearm… it wasn’t even my survival knife … no, the most critical tool I carried everywhere I fought and trained was my machete.

I know that sounds hard to believe, but you’re about to discover WHY in just a few seconds.

And even though a machete is the most trusted “tactical back-up” carried by soldiers in harm’s way, this ISN’T just for members of the armed forces.

I mean, you’d have to be living under a rock or never watch the news to not notice that we face more and more threats right here at home – with natural disasters happening more frequently and a crumbling society just waiting for a “trigger event” like a grid-down blackout, economic collapse, nuclear disaster, or a breakdown in civil order to push us over the edge.

We all know the day is coming, right?

And when it does, the only thing that separates the victims from the survivors is the knowledge, skills, and gear you have on hand to face whatever threat is thrown your way.

And that’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to…

The "Guardian" Machete:

The Ultimate Survival Tool You Need To Face Any Disaster Or Crisis With Bulletproof Confidence!

Look… you never know what scenario you may face when you’re forced to survive on your own, to provide for and protect those you love.

That’s why the Guardian’s cutting-edge engineering is custom-designed to face ALL phases of any disaster or crisis…

As a field tool, the Guardian’s forward-weight design chops wood faster and easier than any other machete or hatchet – even my military-issue machete – making light work of cutting down trees for shelter and chopping wood for fire-building – saving you valuable time and strength for other tasks.

As a breaching tool, the Guardian’s heat-treated 1095 carbon steel is strong enough to bust straight through a cement wall… with virtually NO DAMAGE to the edge!
In fact, we even challenged the Guardian against a reinforced steel truck hood where it stabbed straight through the metal without a single bend in its spear-point tip…

And just watch as this blade slices that same reinforced steel hood – sometimes over a foot at a time – until the Guardian Machete cuts the entire truck hood clean in half, showing it’s no match for the sheer awesome power this machete possesses.

And yet even after slicing straight through the truck’s hood, the blade STILL retains an edge so sharp, the Guardian severs a dozen beer cans in one swipe like a hot knife through butter, so you never have to worry about whether your machete’s blade will be there when you need it the most to handle any challenge.

Every Feature Of The Guardian Machete Has Been Carefully Crafted From Point To Razor-Sharp Point With YOUR Survival Needs In Mind:

The handle’s composite grip fits comfortably in your hand for white-knuckle retention that won’t let you down, plus enhanced palm and thumb texturing to give you ultimate control.

And the Guardian’s grip ends with an extended “glass-breaker” lanyard tip for close-quarters fighting and smashing through windows during an accident or emergency.

But the blade itself is where you’re REALLY going to be impressed…

The Guardian is crafted from one solid piece of heat-treated 1095 carbon spring steel – the strongest, most durable metal you’ll find for extreme field deployment – with an 18” “bolo-blade” spear-point design – forward-weighted to drastically increase power in every one of your strikes.

You’ve already seen how the Guardian’s blade quickly hacks through wood, cement, and even steel – yet it’s also so perfectly balanced it even throws with extreme accuracy!

Hell, the bolo blade design even let’s you dig a trench with it if you need to!

These are tasks I wouldn’t even wish on my military issue machete that I carried for years through the world’s toughest hot-zones!

Proven In Every Environment:
Wilderness - Urban - Jungle - Mountain - Desert!

The Guardian is the ultimate all-in-one survival tool to back you up in a crisis!

And while there’s no other blade out there that can compare to the Guardian’s superior engineering, a good quality custom machete will run you anywhere from $500 to over $1,000!

And you know what… it would be worth it!

When it’s your LIFE we’re talking about – or the life of someone who’s counting on you to save them – you know you can’t depend on cheap sporting goods store machetes and frankly, I’ve even kicked my military machete to the curb in order to make sure I was carrying nothing but the best to protect me and my family during a crisis.

But I’m NOT gonna make you pay $1,000 or even $500 for our custom-engineered machete.

The Guardian has been valued by pros at $450 and it’s a steal at our regular price of $395.

But because these are from our original prototype supply, the blade finish is not at the same standard as our new shipments – so if you order now as part of this special promotional, you can get one of our “Gen 1” Guardian Machetes for just 2 payments of $47!

I DID Tell You That You Could "Test Drive" The Guardian Machete For FREE If You Want, Right?

Well, I want you to see just how serious I am about supporting the true patriots and survivalists like yourself out there – so here’s what I’m gonna do…

If you order now during this special promotional offer, I'm gonna make your first payment FOR you and ship your Guardian Machete straight to your door for nothing more than my shipping and handling cost.

I know that sounds crazy, and I’m taking a big risk, but as a combat vet, I trust in the American spirit and integrity of the folks I like to work with – people like YOU!

So just tell me where to send your Guardian Machete using the button on this page and I’ll pick up your first payment for free.

Then when your box arrives, just rip it open and feel for yourself how awesome your new Guardian is.

Carry it with you… take it camping… hack your own trails through the thickest brush… chop up an entire cord of firewood… build (or bust!) a concrete wall… hell, turn your entire car into scrap metal if you want!

Do whatever you like with the Guardian for 30 days and then send it back if it doesn’t do everything I say it will, and more… or just pick up the last 2 payments and it’s yours to keep.

It’s that simple!

I'll Even Give You A FULL YEAR To Prove
To Yourself There's No Better Machete
On The Planet For You To Bet Your Life On!

If you don’t actually feel its power the first time you hold it…

…if you don’t agree that it’s the most badass survival tool you’ve ever owned… if you don’t see your buddies smile from ear to ear when you’re showing it off to them…

…if it doesn’t do everything I promise it will do and then some….

I insist you send it back to me – in any condition – for a full refund.

Now let me ask you…

What do you think would happen if you asked a custom-knife maker if you could take his $1,000 machete home for a MONTH… not pay him for it… and test it out by slicing up cement blocks and reinforced steel truck hoods?

Then, if you don’t like it, bring it back to him all beat up and never pay him a dime?

After he stopped laughing, he’d probably kick your ass out of his shop, wouldn’t he?

Well that’s exactly what I’M allowing you to do because I know you’re not sending this thing back.

I know that once you’ve seen for yourself what the Guardian can do and as soon as you pull the machete out of the box and put it in your hands for the first time, you’re going to instantly realize the power you’re holding.

Now the only thing left to do is give it your own test drive and prove this is the most bad-ass survival tool ever.

Go ahead and tell me where to ship your Guardian Machete now for your free “test drive” while our supplies last and I promise to get it in the mail to you right away!

But Wait - It Gets Even BETTER...
Order Now And Get This $69.95 Bonus... FREE!

You’re gonna need something to carry your new Guardian Machete in as well, right?

Well, when you order right now, I’ll also throw in the Guardian’s “covert blue” tactical deployment sheath – a $69.95 value, FREE – custom-designed with multiple quick-access carry options:

Choose from left- or right-side belt carry…

…or attach it to your bug-out bag using the built in MOLLE-compatible straps to always have it within reach for any obstacle, task or threat that stands in your way.
Or use the sheath’s fully adjustable padded shoulder strap attachment for sling carry across your back, even using the now popular “underhand carry” for easier access and fast covert deployment.
And with 15 rows of MOLLE attachment straps on the front, you can even attach additional tactical pouches to your sheath for what we refer to as Phase 5 Mission-Oriented Carry so you can easily bring additional gear and supplies with you on a hike or field work.

The total value of this entire package is over $500 but you get it all for just 2 monthly payments of $47!

And remember, you don’t pay anything for the first 30 days as you test drive the Guardian yourself for nothing more than the shipping and handling cost to get your package to your door.

I’ll take on the risk so that all YOU have to do is start hacking the bejeesus out of anything you want and see for yourself just how badass this blade is.

And don’t forget that you’re backed by my bulletproof 365-day guarantee so you can put the Guardian through hell for a full year and if you’re not absolutely thrilled at its performance, simply send it back to me in any condition for a full refund.

Just don’t wait on this…

These custom-designed blades take a while to produce and it typically takes us up to 3 or 4 months to build another batch, so take advantage of this special free test-drive offer now while we still have some in stock.

If you don’t act now, you’ll miss out and I can’t promise when (or even if!) we’ll have more – and perhaps never again at this amazing promotional discount.

Go ahead and click the button on this page now to tell me where to send your Guardian Machete today!

Here's What You'll Receive For FREE With This Exclusive Guardian Machete Test Drive...

The "Gen 1" Guardian Urban Survival Machete

There's simply no better machete on the planet! Designed for extreme environments, the Guardian is the ultimate survival tool for soldiers, survivalists, and prepared citizens who accept nothing but the best when it's your life that's on the line! (Value: $450)

MOLLE-Compatible Tactical Sheath

Mission-based options for covert carry! The Guardian's unique tactical sheath can be attached to any MOLLE-based backpack or worn by itself in 3 different positions on either left- or right-side carry using its built-in belt loop or shoulder strap! (Value: $70)

Sorry, This Offer Is No Longer Available.

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