Report: FEMA Survival Guide

Government, Guns & Gear In A Collapse

In This Report:

  • Lies, Lies, Lies!  (FEMA’s Bad Advice…)
  • How To Defeat Looters & “Zombies”!
  • The Best Survival Gear Plan (EVER!)

Lies, Lies, Lies!  (FEMA’s Bad Advice…)

Our economy is in the tank as the Fed keeps printing money to pay off the trillions we owe other countries…

… extreme weather patterns have stretched our fragile food supply to its breaking point…

… and our country’s outdated electrical grid is being held together with little more than duct tape and bubblegum.

The truth is, any one crisis or attack could cause a wide-scale disaster that could effect every American and send the rest of the world into a tailspin changing life as we know it – forever!

To prepare, FEMA says that you need to have a three day supply of food and water in your home.

This is how long THEY estimate that it will take before they can come in and return things to normal after a disaster.

But FEMA is wrong… has been wrong… and will be wrong again.

All you have to do is look at the catastrophic events we’ve already experienced to see that crisis often leaves people without food, water, and power for WEEKS… not days.

When that happens, your fellow neighbors will go into a panic and likely seek refuge and relief in a FEMA or Red Cross shelters where they’ll be safe.

Another lie!

Think about it… FEMA shelters are simply herding points for desperate, unprepared “zombies”. 

Grief, despair, lack of sleep, and not enough food create a tinderbox of potential violence and crime and we’ve seen it time and time again in urban areas and even rural communities.

That’s why your preparedness plan must include…

How To Defeat Looters & “Zombies”!

Face it – 95% of your local townsfolk, neighbors (and yes, even friends!) have no intention whatsoever of preparing for a disaster.

These are the same people you see in a complete panic at the grocery store – fighting over bottled water and canned beans when they get the warning that a hurricane or some other disaster is headed their way.

This makes them dangerous to you and your family!

When a disaster or collapse hits, most will flock to the relief camps, grumbling and complaining about the lack of resources they were counting on.

Others will go around begging for help when they realize that the government and local officials (once again) aren’t prepared to feed, shelter, and protect them from the destruction.

Even worse are those who realize that the only way to survive is to take what they want by looting stores and homes (like yours!) for supplies while law enforcement is strained beyond capacity.

Who’s gonna stop them?

Listen, the only way to stop beggars and looters from threatening your family is to stock up on the supplies you need NOW in order to avoid contact with them in the first place – and keep it a secret!

That includes not only the food and water you need to sustain your loved ones for an extended crisis (so you don’t have to venture out to wait in some food line with the loudmouth losers ready to riot)…

… but also the weapons you need to defend your home and those you love should a threat develop where you and your family are targeted by desperate looters.

Of course, the government isn’t going to tell you to “arm yourself” and store the proper gear to defend your castle.

That’s like admitting that they can’t protect you, right?

So, are YOU collecting all the survival supplies you’ll need to avoid becoming one of the “walking dead” citizens left to fend for themselves in a crisis?

You’re about to discover the TRUTH about the real gear you need to survive any disaster, crisis or attack…

The Best Survival Gear Plan (EVER!)

A big mistake most people make when it comes to planning their survival kit is that they don’t think in “layers”. 

They may store some supplies at home but fail to prepare for things like an “instant crisis” (where you may only have the gear on you right now) or a longer term evacuation setup where you’re traveling by vehicle (or other means of transportation) to safety.

The survival gear you have for each situation could be very different but they always overlap and if you’re not covering each of the 7 “layers” of gear requirements, you and your family could suffer.

I was going to create 7 different blog posts on this topic and drip them out over the next several weeks but decided to just roll all of them up into one single “ebook” for you so you don’t have to wait.

It won’t cost you a thing and you can grab your free “Survival Gear Secrets” book here.

Inside, I not only cover all 7 “tactical layers” of survival gear you need, but I also go into the inside secrets of real-life warning signs you should be watching for (right now!) that could trigger a large scale “collapse” that could affect you and your family.

These aren’t some conspiracy myths or tales of UFO’s landing  – these are the serious “no B.S.” events that are happening right now that you need to know about in order to be prepared and ready to take action to protect yourself and those you love.

I go into full detail of the 5 most critical signs you need to watch for now in the free survival gear guide.

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