Urban Survival

Everywhere you turn, you see the warning signs. Economic shenanigans in Washington threaten to devalue our currency. The price of gold is going up and up. Advertisements for people who want to sell you long-term storage food, gold, guns, and ammunition are everywhere… or they were until the ammunition started to run out. People are scared, and they’re scared for good reason.

Social chaos is everywhere around us and threatens to destabilize the very comfortable world to which we’ve become accustomed. What is a prepared citizen to do? If he’s smart, he becomes a prepper. If he doesn’t want to rely on wishful thinking, hope, and the good graces of FEMA, he becomes a survivalist.

“Prepping” is all the rage these days. As you can see from the glut of reality television programming about survival, a lot of people are worried, but many of them are focusing on the wrong things. Or they’re focusing on necessary elements of short- and long-term survival, both in the wilderness and in urban environments, but missing some important areas.

If you’re going to survive during social chaos, during societal collapse, during any of the natural disasters, economic upheavals, or acts of civil unrest that might be coming, you have a lot of training and a lot of stockpiling ahead of you. The thing to remember is that the time to prepare for survival, whether it is urban or wilderness, short or long term survival, is that you can’t wait until an emergency to do it. You’ve got to prepare NOW if you’re going to succeed.