MCS 126: (Top 5) Worthless Weapons For Personal And Home Defense

wasp spray vs. pepper spray

Some “expert advice” can actually get you KILLED!

Take the topic of “weapons for personal and home defense” for example…

Can you guess which “weapon” is supposedly even better than the option POLICE carry?

Or the one that women are told will fend off a rapist… but could actually hurt her instead?

And what about the “sound” that's so effective, it makes violent home invaders poop their pants?

I'm on a personal mission to dispel these “tactical myths” once and for all with my “Top 5” worthless weapons for personal and home defense.

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I'm sure you have your own list of “weapons” you're sick of hearing about as well, right?

Well, it's time to sound off and give us your OWN Top 5…


 Do You Agree Or Disagree With My Analysis?
What Other “Weapon Myths” Do You Feel Plague The Personal Defense World? 

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